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Taliny Chhung is a ceramic artist and sculptor.   She was born in Reseda, California and followed the traditional dreams of her Cambodian immigrant parents.  She received her degree in Business and Finance at the University of California in Riverside, which led her into the world of banking and financial consulting. 


In 2015, she visited a world-renown Vedic Astrologer, Chakrapani, who urged her to become an artist.   She did not follow his advice.  In 2018, she was in terrible car accident.  A year later, it was advised that she take an art class for therapy.   It was at the  Barnsdall Art Center where she took her first pottery class.  The mundane aspect of perfection completely bored her, she took a Brookstone steak knife and began carving away.  


Taliny's method is impulsive and random.  She finds beauty in destruction and chaos.  There is little preparation in her process.  Her tools are unconventional and one finds nothing perfect in her work.   She enjoys the challenge of creating with the unpredictable pieces that come her way.   And yes, she still uses her Brookstone steak knives to carve. 

She works at her home studio in Los Angeles, as well as her studio at AMOCA in Pomona, California.   She spends her free time taking care of her three children and enjoys walking their dog, Billie in Griffith Park with her husband, Michael.    


below:  One of her first sculptures she made at the original location of the Pottery Studio                  in Atwater Village. 

right:    Her planter at the Ulla Johnson Flagship Store on Beverly Blvd.

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